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Kris Chau
Kris Chau is a multifaceted visual artist and clothing designer based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Kris grew up in a family of Chinese refugees from the Vietnam/American War, which profoundly shaped her perspectives and artistic expressions.

Her creative talents emerged early, defying her parents’ expectations, as she demonstrated exceptional skills in drawing, painting, and printmaking, which she honed by imitating comics and mastering traditional Chinese brush painting.

Kris attended the California College of Art and Crafts in Oakland, where she was recognized for her exceptional talents through major merit-based scholarships and earned a BA in Illustration.

Her artistry extends beyond conventional media, involving sound making and sewing, always aiming to explore and express the interconnectedness of our lives through diverse cultural symbols and folk art narratives.

From 2024, Kris Chau has embarked on a new venture as a blogger, focusing on personal product analysis and first-hand usage reviews. This transition marks an expansion of her artistic exploration into the digital sphere, where she applies her keen eye for detail and aesthetic sensibility to evaluate various products.
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