DSN x Chad Kouri / Best Bet
$ 150.00

**Printed in house & made to order, will ship in 2-4 weeks.

Introducing our newest artist edition silk print. Chad Kouri is known for his vibrant, abstract compositions. He examines themes commonly associated with visual literacy - specifically how we see, read, and remember the world around us. His practice is influenced by minimalism, jazz, conceptual and systematic art, design, fashion, printmaking and the grey areas between them. Chad is based in Chicago, but we had the pleasure of collaborating with him during his stay in LA for a solo show at subliminal gallery. This print can be worn as as scarf or displayed as art in your home. 

Size 40" x 40" / Limited Edition of 5

100% Silk / Made in USA / One Size

Each piece is unique due to hand printing processes, please be mindful of slight variation in texture and color.  Our clothes will vary, and be imperfect, much like you and I, but no less beautiful. We hope you understand this and recognize the beauty in our clothes.

*15 day return / exchange policy