A-Ok Overalls / Workwear Blue
$ 248.00

The A-Ok Overall is the Arty Tomboy sister to our Ako Apron Dress. Wide Leg and cropped short for a Hakama Style looking pant leg. Wear it with nothing underneath or wear it with whatever you like. Wrap it to be fitted, or keep it loose and free. 

100% Linen / Made in USA / One Size

40" Adjustable Width / Inseam 30" / Full Length 52" / Cross Chest 20"/ Leg Opening 13" Flat

Each piece is unique due to hand processes, please be mindful of slight variation in texture and color.  Our clothes will vary, and be imperfect, much like you and I, but no less beautiful. We hope you understand this and recognize the beauty in our clothes. *15 day return/exchange policy